Yes, WorkFlex Makes WFM Systems Even Better

WorkFlex makes WFM systems even better

WorkFlex was founded to solve intraday management problems and to empower the employees who make contact centers work. Doing these two things is our reason for existing and so we’re wont to go about proclaiming that WorkFlex Makes WFM systems even better! Our technology integrates with workforce management (WFM) systems and we think those systems do a phenomenal job handling forecasting, performance, analytics, etc. They suffer from one solution gap, however, and that’s where we jump in. We close the intraday management gap. WFM systems announce to workforce administrators that a staffing shortfall is occurring or is about to occur, but they do not explain how to solve it. WorkFlex does explain. Not only that, but we’ll execute the solution automatically if the workforce administrators decide top adopt it. We give them the option. They can click on a button to put the solution in motion, or they can decide to reject it and do something else, if they wish. Using the WorkFlex solution will save them a great deal of time and manual effort, however, and will balance their staffing without their having to lift a finger to make it happen. No frantic phone calls to agents asking them to come in to cover the shortfall, no messages to on-shift agents asking them to do overtime, no need to constantly monitor all the communication channels to ensure adequate staffing, no drop in service levels due to understaffing, no frustrated customers. Watch how it works in a short video!

And then there’s the agent mobile app. It empowers your frontline employees with the ability to manage their own work schedules while helping balance your staffing. You can watch a video about how the app works here. Agents love this. It gives them so much more freedom and flexibility than they have currently.

“Intelligent intraday automation” is what we call the process we enable with our software. Learn more about that term here.

– The WorkFlex Team


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