WorkFlex Technology Contributes to Creating a Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experience

WorkFlex enables knock-your-socks-off-customer service

Blake Morgan writes about customers, companies and customer service. She has just published a book called “More Is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences.” The content is all about how critical it is for companies to deliver gold-standard customer service to succeed in today’s marketplace, and includes practical how-to’s to make it happen. Delivering an excellent customer experience every time should be the priority in every enterprise and enterprises must “consider how the customer will fare in every scenario.” The mission begins at the top. If the C-suite evangelizes on this subject and acts decisively to promote its importance, the rest of the employees will understand how essential a culture of excellence is to an organization that wants to survive and thrive.

One of the ways in which company leaders can demonstrate their commitment to providing customers with an eminently positive experience is to empower the employees who engage most immediately with customers: customer service representatives (also known as contact center agents). In emphasizing the importance of empowering these front-line service providers, Morgan refers to WorkFlex Solutions as a software vendor who facilitates schedule flexibility for agents working both in brick-and-mortar locations and from home. WorkFlex is a tool that empowers agents through schedule options. The rigid shift is no longer a vise that inhibits an agent’s ability to manage work and life outside of work. Agents can swap hours with themselves, trade with other agents, take pre-approved time off, and add pre-approved hours – all via the mobile app on their smartphone, so it doesn’t matter where they are or what time it is when they decide to make a schedule change. That kind of flexibility makes people feel much more positive about their work and most industry insiders acknowledge that happier employees provide better customer service. It’s just common sense.

We’re so pleased to get a book-mention and acknowledgement that WorkFlex technology contributes to creating a knock-your-socks-off customer experience!

-The WorkFlex Team

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