WorkFlex Solutions Announces Patent Award for Dynamic Workforce Optimization

WorkFlex has received a new patent for dynamic workforce optimization

Staffing Agility Empowerment Solution Enables Optimized Intraday Performance for Contact Centers

CINCINNATI, OH (PRWEB) MARCH 21, 2017 – WorkFlex Solutions, the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation® for contact centers announced that it has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that enables contact center operators to effectively optimize interval-level staffing across all service queues.

Within the contact center industry, the proliferation of service queues (e.g. voice, chat, email, social media) and changing customer preferences has made it increasingly difficult for contact center operators to effectively forecast call demand and call-pattern demands throughout the day within each service queue. Although workforce administrators may have tools that enable them to view intraday staffing variances, the job of responding to these variances has traditionally been a manual process.

WorkFlex Intelligent Intraday Automation® technology automates key elements in the intraday management workflow process including:

  1. Accurately anticipating staffing variances through continual intraday reforecasting
  2. Automatically analyzing staffing variances to develop optimal resolution recommendations (e.g. extend shifts, change work activity, call in agents) based on predefined business rules (e.g. service queue affected, time of day, magnitude of staffing variance, duration of staffing variance) and service-level requirements
  3. Real-time alerting of workforce administrators of resolution recommendations including optimal agent selection based on predefined agent attributes (e.g. skills, availability, location, proficiency, hours-worked, tenure)
  4. Automatically contacting employees based on their preferred communication method(s) (e.g. email, text, mobile app, or social media), and upon employee confirmation of the schedule-change, automatically updating their schedules in the Workforce Management (WFM) system
  5. Automatically providing supervisors with a real-time view of all schedule-change requests and current status

The patent also includes the ability of the system to provide dynamic wage offers to ensure optimal acceptance rates for all schedule-change requirements.

“The award of this latest patent (USPTO # 9595016) underscores the true uniqueness of the WorkFlex solution,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, WorkFlex Solutions. Intelligent Intraday Automation® is transforming the contact center industry in much the same way that real-time supply chain technology transformed the manufacturing industry. Automation of key components of the intraday management process dramatically improves staffing agility empowerment for workforce administrators, enabling them to effectively respond to the increased staffing-management complexity of today’s contact centers.”

Intelligent Intraday Automation® is dramatically improving the cost-performance of contact centers,” added Mitesh Desai, COO, WorkFlex Solutions. “Clients that have deployed WorkFlex have reported staffing variance reductions of over 50% and agent utilization improvements of between 5 and 15%. The net-net is significantly improved intraday performance at a significantly lower cost.”

WorkFlex has previously been awarded several patents for its automated, intelligent self-scheduling technology that empowers employees with the flexibility to preview and select pre-approved schedule-changes with instant confirmation.

Read the WorkFlex press release announcing our patent award for dynamic workforce optimization at PRWeb.

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