What Is Real-Time Alerting or Intraday Alerting in the Contact Center?

WorkFlex enables real-time alerting so agents know when they are out of compliance.

During the average day in any contact center, performance among some agents may lag behind standards set by management. Whether it be high AHT, poor schedule adherence, or too much time spent in ACW, poor KPI’s negatively impact both contact center performance and the bottom line. Real-time Alerting, also called Intraday Alerting, can be utilized to reduce agent non-compliance and improve KPI’s. The terms refer to the sending of pop-up messages to the desktops or mobile phones of agents notifying them of the infraction in question.

Because it integrates with ACD and WFM systems, WorkFlex can be configured to send real-time alerts to agents and also to their supervisors or other members of the contact center team. So, for example, a real-time message sent to agents notifying them that they’re late returning from lunch can be simultaneously sent to their supervisor, a WFM administrator, or the director of operations. Escalation can also be factored into the configuration with notification first going to an agent, then, with continuing noncompliance, agent and supervisor, then agent, supervisor and WFM administrator, and so on. This case study of a WorkFlex deployment at Firstsource Solutions illustrates the impact of real-time alerting on contact center operations.

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