What Is Intraday Automation?

Intraday Automation is a term coined by WorkFlex Solutions and refers to the automation of tasks workforce administrators perform each day to manage staffing in a contact center. Common tasks include:

  • monitoring of multiple screens to detect staffing and call-volume variances
  • prioritizing multiple issues that require attention
  • analyzing complex call-volume and staffing issues
  • communicating with agents in a timely manner
  • reporting to management in a timely manner
  • managing agent schedule-change requests
  • updating the WFM system automatically

The WorkFlex system enables workforce administrators to automate these tasks, thereby freeing up their time for other tasks. With WorkFlex Manager Suite in place, intraday staffing levels meet volume requirements without the continual and manual engagement of workforce management.

This video illustrates WorkFlex Intraday Automation:

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