What Is Gamification?

Definitions of gamification vary slightly, but most include some version of the following: gamification is the application of game-playing elements in non-game contexts, especially in businessEarning points through gamification with the WorkFlex agent mobile app to attract customers to products and services and to keep them engaged with these and with a company’s brand. Typically, participants must follow prescribed rules and compete for points, and ultimately, for rewards. Companies also use gamification to engage employees. In contact centers, gamification techniques have become popular and are used not only to engage employees but to improve employee performance. Agents might, for example, compete against one another to achieve desirable metrics for key KPI’s such as Average Handle Time (AHT) or After Call Work (ACW).

WorkFlex includes gamification capability that engages employees and improves contact center staffing. Employees can earn points by working during hard-to-fill time frames and use their accumulated points for extra time off. The WorkFlex intelligent mobile app enables them to add hours to their schedule, to keep track of the hours they earn, and to apply the points toward extra hours they wish to take off.

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