What is Employee Engagement?

Contact Center Occupancy Increases with WorkFlexEmployee engagement has become a popular concept, and in HR circles, the question is how to encourage engaged employees. An engaged employee is one who is:

  • motivated to perform at a high level
  • interested in the work at hand
  • committed to the organization and its goals and values
  • driven to help the organization succeed
  • happy with work

Contact center employee engagement means contact center agents are committed to serving the organization’s customers in a skilled, friendly manner with rapid problem resolution resulting. In addition, they feel their job is important and get a sense of satisfaction from doing it well.

WorkFlex contributes to employee engagement by enabling contact center employees to perform their tasks more easily and, in the case of contact center agents, with more work-hour and work-type schedule flexibility. Supervisors use the WorkFlex mobile app to monitor their team’s performance, workforce administrators use the dashboard in WorkFlex Manager Suite to view the results of the intraday tasks WorkFlex automates for them, and agents use their browser-based WorkFlex interface or their WorkFlex mobile app to manage their work schedules.


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