What Is Employee Empowerment?

WorkFlex Enables Employee Empowerment in the Contact Center

For WorkFlex Solutions, employee empowerment means enabling contact center agents, supervisors and workforce administrators to do their jobs in a more efficient, effective way that both
improves their performance and brings them greater job satisfaction.

WorkFlex technology is designed to provide agents with:

  • anytime/anywhere access to their schedule
  • control over how to be contacted
  • control over when to be contacted
  • real-time opportunity alerts of interest to them
  • visibility into available, pre-approved schedule-change opportunities

WorkFlex technology is designed to provide supervisors with:

  • anytime/anywhere access to team KPI’s
  • real-time alerts to critical issues
  • real-time communication
  • control over agent access to OT/VTO
  • agent schedule-change request monitoring

WorkFlex technology is designed to provide workforce administrators with:

  • automated alerts and reports
  • automated intraday issue analysis
  • automated problem-solution identification
  • automated qualified-agent identification
  • automated schedule adjustments

WorkFlex Manager Suite and WorkFlex Agent Suite work in tandem to empower all three groups of employees in the contact center.


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