What Is Contact Center Shrinkage?

What is contact center shrinkage?

The subject of shrinkage is somewhat controversial in the contact center world. What exactly should be included? How should it be defined? Most industry insiders seem to agree that it includes paid time during which agents are not actually available to take calls. That can include paid vacations (planned shrinkage) and tardiness (unplanned shrinkage).

However one defines shrinkage, WorkFlex is a tool contact centers can use to reduce it. Training, for example, is an activity many designate a cause of shrinkage. In many contact centers, agents must take time off from handling calls to complete training sessions, leaving the center understaffed. WorkFlex changes the training paradigm by permitting agents to schedule their own training sessions for time periods they choose. The WorkFlex agent mobile app displays time intervals of upcoming lower call volume and agents can select from among these. WorkFlex addresses and ameliorates multiple contact center shrinkage events.

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