What Is Contact Center Agent Turnover and Why Is It Something to Avoid?

Contact center agent turnover refers to customer service representatives employed in contact centers (to answer phones and other customer contact channels) leaving their positions. This can mean moving into a different position within the company or leaving the company altogether. The latter is much more prevalent.

Contact center agent turnover can be reduced with deployment of WorkFlex technology.

Every industry suffers from unwanted turnover to some extent. In the contact center industry, however, turnover rates tend to be especially high and represent a constant headache for management. Finding and training new agents is time-consuming and expensive, as is paying remaining staff overtime to cover for agents who have left. (Penny Reynolds, a founder of the Contact Center School, breaks down the numbers in this article titled “Exploring Call Center Turnover Numbers.”) Turnover can also affect customer service when not enough agents with the right skills are available to cover a shift. Poor customer service negatively affects the company brand. In short, reducing turnover is should be a high priority for any contact center operation.

A major factor in agent turnover is lack of flexibility in work schedules. In most contact centers, schedules are set far in advance and changing them to accommodate agent needs costs too much overhead. WorkFlex contributes to reducing turnover in contact centers by enabling schedule flexibility with a software system that integrates into workforce management systems.


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