What Is Average Handle Time in a Contact Center Context?

WorkFlex Helps Reduce AHT in the Contact Center

In contact center parlance, Average Handle Time (AHT) refers to the average length of time a contact center agent (customer service representative) spends on a call with a customer. Most contact centers use AHT as a metric to measure operational efficiency and consider high AHT a serious problem. Since AHT is an average, contact centers usually look at the AHT metric over a week or a month.

WorkFlex integrates with ACD systems and can be configured to alert agents when their Handle Time on any given call reaches a set threshold. If a call has taken 240 seconds, for example, an alert can be sent to an agent’s desktop with a message such as “Your Handle Time is at 240.” The notification reminds agents to strive for faster resolution time and consequently bring down their AHT.


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