What Is a Multi-Channel Contact Center

The multi-channel contact center can easily be managed with WorkFlex.

There used to be customer service facilities called call centers where customer service representatives answered phones. Customers were not able to contact the center in any other way except to call the center (except perhaps “snail mail” – i.e., a written letter sent via United States Post Office.) Things have changed considerably. In today’s multi-channel contact center, there are many ways to hear from customers in addition to a phone line: email, chat, social media, even video. With so many means of connecting, “call” centers are now often called “contact” centers instead.

One of the many capabilities WorkFlex enables for contact center teams is work-type scheduling. With contact centers offering so many means of customer connection, the problem of work-load balancing arises. There may be too many agents assigned to answering phones and not enough to answering chat. The WorkFlex interface lets agents see the which channels are understaffed during given intervals and allows them to select a different one during intervals when the change improves staffing balance.


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