What Are Call Center KPIs?

What are contact center and call center KPIs?KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and in a call center or contact center, it is a metric by which the center measures performance. Some of the most common metrics call centers use to gauge how successfully their operations are functioning include Average Handle Time (AHT), Service Level, Schedule Adherence, and Occupancy.

WorkFlex Intelligent Intraday Automation® technology supports improvements in call center KPIs. If AHT and Schedule Adherence lag behind desired levels, for example, WorkFlex can be configured to make real-time alerting a tool to apprise agents, their supervisors, and others on the call center management team of the performance shortfalls. The alerts make agents aware of their performance issues and let management know if coaching or training for an agent is in order.

WorkFlex also improves KPIs with our intelligent employee empowerment tools. Agent schedule adherence, for example, improves with the WorkFlex Agent Suite, since agents have access to their schedules at all times via the agent mobile app. Agent job satisfaction improves due to agents’ ability to change their schedule through either the mobile app or the browser version of Agent Suite. When agents are happier with their work, their overall performance improves.

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