Schedule View: The WorkFlex Mobile App FreemiumContact center agent smiling because she has WorkFlex Schedule View on her mobile phone.

Empower Your Agents with Mobile Schedule Access – It’s Easier Now than Ever

Why Empower Your Agents with the Schedule View Freemium?
You’ll be addressing one of the main agent frustrations that contribute to absenteeism and attrition. Reducing absenteeism and attrition is critical to improving your center’s performance and reducing costs.

“Am I scheduled to work tomorrow? I’m not sure!”
Surveys show that the inability to view their schedule outside of work is a source of  frustration for many contact center agents. (View results of our recent agent survey here!Those who can access their schedules while not at work don’t find the process easy, because it requires a browser window. For today’s Millennial Generation, that’s just a Stone Age hassle. One-click access via Apple or Android smartphone icon is what they expect. With WorkFlex, that’s what they get.

Anytime/Anywhere One-Click Schedule Access for Every Agent – No Fees
WorkFlex is enabling companies to offer their agents anytime/anywhere, one-click access to their schedules with the WorkFlex mobile app by waving all set-up and licensing fees. The only cost incurred is our hosting fee of $2500 per month for up to 1,000 agents.

Here’s how it works:Mobile phone in agent's hand displays WorkFlex Schedule View on the screen.

WorkFlex Mobile App Versions
WorkFlex Schedule View Freeware Version vs. Standard Version






Contact us now!Contact center agent checks his schedule with WorkFlex Schedule View

We’ll be happy to talk with you about Schedule View and how it improves your agents’ schedule adherence. If you’d like to see a demo, we’ll schedule it at your convenience.

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