WFM Administrator smiling because WorkFlex automated intraday staffing adjustments for her and reduced her stress levels.
WorkFlex picks up where WFM leaves off by automating and optimizing intraday management processes

Contact centers are dynamic environments where real-time decisions impact business results. The ability to respond quickly to changing conditions impacts customers, agents and the bottom line. Even with a WFM system, most intraday processes are manual and time consuming, resulting in additional administrative overhead, frustrated agents, and missed opportunities to meet the needs of your customer. WorkFlex for real-time administrators automates many manual intraday processes enabling administrators to direct their attention to other tasks.

  • Analyzes performance indicators and staffing level variances in real-time
  • Recommends changes to adjust staffing
  • Makes use of multi-channel agent communication
  • Updates schedule changes in WFM system
  • Faster analysis and better decision-making with less effort
  • Optimal staffing levels with the most appropriate staff
  • Faster acceptance & execution of staffing changes
  • Reduced administrative overhead and improved schedule accuracy
  • More timely Intraday performance management
The Five Things Contact Center Workforce Administrators Want

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