Contact center supervisor checks her WorkFlex Supervisor Tablet App
WorkFlex enables supervisors to manage their team’s performance with greater ease and effectiveness

Contact center supervisors are responsible for managing the performance and availability of their team. Unfortunately, gaining visibility into real-time data necessary to monitor each agent’s performance is a challenge, making an already difficult job that much harder. WorkFlex for contact center supervisors enables hands-on team management by putting a mobile dashboard in supervisors’ hands.

  • Provides mobile-friendly dashboard to monitor agent intraday performance
  • Gives real-time visibility into agent-WFM communications
  • Enables supervisors to manage agent OT and VTO eligibility
  • Provides instant messaging with agents and WFM administrators
  • Enables supervisors to provide more timely coaching when it is needed
  • Drives better collaboration between supervisors and WFM team
  • More control over schedules for new hire and at risk-agents
  • Ensures alignment and faster response to issues
The Five Things Contact Center Supervisors Want

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