Contact center agent smiling because he can manage his own schedule with the WorkFlex mobile app.
WorkFlex empowers agents to self-manage schedules anytime, anywhere, improving intraday coverage without adding administrative overhead

Everyone knows that happier agents lead to happier customers. But are you aware of how schedules impact things like agent morale, job satisfaction and employee turnover? Scheduling flexibility is a primary driver of your agents’ work/life balance, but trying to accommodate everyone’s personal needs while maintaining optimal staffing is no easy task. WorkFlex for contact center agents creates a win-win-win for the agents, workforce administrators, and your business.

(Schedule View, a freemium version of the WorkFlex mobile app, allows agents to access their schedule anytime, anywhere.)

  • Empowers agents to view/change schedules anywhere, anytime through a personalized, mobile-friendly dashboard
  • The intelligent user interface is continually updated to reflect projected demand and agent availability
  • The system matches schedule-change options to individual agents based upon their skills, preferences and availability
  • Enables agents to manage extra-hour, time-off, and communication preferences, and to make schedule trades
  • Improves agent satisfaction resulting in increased customer satisfaction, lower attrition and reduced absenteeism
  • Enables agents to have direct visibility into the needs of the business
  • Ensures that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels
  • Minimizes administrative effort associated with the schedule change process
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