Contact center business executive pleased with happier employees and reduced costs resulting from WorkFlex implementation.
WorkFlex Puts Time On Your Side and Automates Up to 80% of Your Contact Center’s Manual Intraday Activities

Your workforce management (WFM) system is a vital component of your contact center’s intraday workforce management function. But even the most sophisticated WFM system doesn’t solve your intraday problems- it simply makes it easier to see where they exist. Everyday, your administrators are still faced with countless decisions, staffing changes and administrative tasks that are not handled by your WFM system.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Manual Intraday Activities?
  • Analyzing intraday data and deciding how to best optimize staff
  • Reviewing and processing intraday change requests
  • Entering schedule exceptions and updates into the WFM system
  • Administering overtime (OT) and voluntary time off (VTO) sign-ups
  • Communicating with agents regarding schedule changes
  • Monitoring and alerting supervisors to real-time performance issues

WorkFlex enables your organization to achieve customer service goals with greater ease and efficiency. WorkFlex eliminates the Intraday stress of ensuring agent resources are optimally aligned with customer demand by intelligently identifying solutions to address staffing gaps, proactively managing agent communication and by automatically adjusting schedules in the workforce management system so you don’t have to.

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