One Bad Customer Experience Costs Companies Dearly, So They Should Make Their Contact Center Agents Happy

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It may sound like a non sequitur, but the title of this little Thursday rant is anything but. Let’s unpack.

The first clause in the title asserts that companies pay a high price for even one bad experience their customers encounter in dealing with them. In 2016, Ovum conducted research that showed 82% of customers have excised a brand from their lives over a bad customer experience! Yes, you read that correctly. 82%! That statistic should frighten everyone in the business of selling goods or services.

“Customer Experience” includes a broad range of customer-company interactions, but the service customers seek when they contact company to resolve an issue stands at the forefront. A truly positive experience from the perspective of the customer requires a friendly, knowledgeable agent who answers the phone quickly and can resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer in the least possible amount of time – in other words, a skilled, well-trained agent.

How to develop skilled, well-trained agents who deliver excellent customer service? It’s a challenge in the contact center environment, because everyone is almost always busy assisting customers, so squeezing in training is difficult and doesn’t always happen. Enabling agents to self-schedule training for time frames when they feel up to it instead of forcing them to train when management wants them to helps agents learn and retain information better and also gives them flexibility and control. WorkFlex offers an agent mobile app that permits them to decide when they wish to do training and maintains balanced staffing for the center at the same time. Agents simply select available and pre-approved time intervals on the mobile app when they feel ready to learn. The freedom to choose when they train makes them happier. And WorkFlex does much more to make them happier. They can take time off or work extra hours whenever they see available time on the constantly-updated contact center schedule. They can swap hours with themselves and trade with another agent. They can also switch to other work activities, if they want to get off the phone. WorkFlex is a tool that empowers them with real work-schedule flexibility.

Research shows definitively that happier agents make for happier customers. (See image below from MetricNet)

MetricNet graph showing correlation between contact center agent and customer satisfaction

It’s just common sense. Happy agents will strive to do their best to serve customers well. Empowering agents with this level of work flexibility and autonomy demonstrates companies’ commitment to improving the customer experience and their own bottom line.

So, to conclude my little non-sequitur-sounding rant for the day, I say yet again, one bad customer experience can cost companies a great deal. Common sense and business acumen would indicate that they should make their contact center agents happy to combat customer loss. WorkFlex is here to help.

-Maya Callahan


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