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Take Employee Empowerment to the Next Level with
Intelligent Intraday Automation®

WorkFlex is a workforce optimization tool that empowers contact center employees, including agents, supervisors and workforce administrators. WorkFlex integrates with WFM and ACD systems and uses the data available in those technologies and a sophisticated rules engine to deliver intraday staffing solutions. The result is not only optimized staffing levels and performance, but happier employees.

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How Does WorkFlex Empower Employees?

  • Agents get to manage their own work schedules via native mobile app (see pre-approved hours available for schedule changes, change hours, change work activities with instant confirmation, select how and when they want to be contacted and for what kinds of opportunities). This enables them to enjoy the work-life balance they’re looking for.
  • Team supervisors get to walk the floor with a tablet-optimized app that lets them manage agent performance and activity, contact agents and peers, and delegate their tasks to another supervisor when required. This allows them to be available to help the agents on their team.
  • Workforce administrators get to ensure that the right person is in the right place at the right time without the usual stress (WorkFlex automatically provides optimal solutions for staffing variances and takes the necessary steps to make them happen).

Watch the WorkFlex Demo Battle video to get an overview of how our technology empowers the contact center!

Download the WorkFlex Product Portfolio Overview to learn more details!

How Much Is Agent Schedule-Change Empowerment Worth?
The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) surveyed workforce management professionals on behalf of WorkFlex in late 2016. The purpose was to discover how these professionals thought the contact center agents they manage would value schedule-change empowerment. The results were eye-opening. Download the survey results here!
Try the WorkFlex Agent Mobile App on Your Own Smartphone
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Come to the WorkFlex booth to download our mobile and test it out for yourself.

Yes, you can take employee empowerment to the next level with Intelligent Intraday Automation®!


WorkFlex Mobile App Adjust Schedule Screen May 2017

Watch a demo of the mobile app!

What Is Intraday Automation?

Download the definitive explanation!
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Turn Your Agents Into Workforce Management Partners
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