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Contact center agent smiling because he and his co-workers have WorkFlex Agent Suite and can manage their schedules.
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Call center supervisor smiling because she has the WorkFlex supervisor app on her tablet and can easily manage her team.
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WFM Administrators

WFM administrator smiling because WorkFlex makes her staffing and scheduling job much easier.
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Contact center business executive smiling because the contact center is benefitting from WorkFlex intraday management technology.
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Happiness Is Hanging Out at Home While Working

Anyway, it apparently improves one’s disposition and outlook on life if one happens to be working as a customer service representative (agent) in a contact center. Contact Center Pipeline’s June 2017 edition makes what looks like an ironclad case for sending agent workforce populations home. Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research shares the results of a […]

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Death of the Call Center? Long Live the Call Center!

As I’ve mentioned a time or two in these posts, I’m in the habit of perusing contact center industry Web sites for news on “the latest” – whatever that might be. Whilst in a perusing session the other day, I saw a headline that caused a sympathetic nervous system response: increased heart rate, audible gasp, […]

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Yes, WorkFlex Makes WFM Systems Even Better

WorkFlex was founded to solve intraday management problems and to empower the employees who make contact centers work. Doing these two things is our reason for existing and so we’re wont to go about proclaiming that WorkFlex Makes WFM systems even better! Our technology integrates with workforce management (WFM) systems and we think those systems […]

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