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Contact center agent smiling because he and his co-workers have WorkFlex Agent Suite and can manage their schedules.
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Call center supervisor smiling because she has the WorkFlex supervisor app on her tablet and can easily manage her team.
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WFM Administrators

WFM administrator smiling because WorkFlex makes her staffing and scheduling job much easier.
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Contact center business executive smiling because the contact center is benefitting from WorkFlex intraday management technology.
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Recent Posts

The Story of Seth, Contact Center Agent

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Seth glanced at the clock on his desktop. The very nice, though rather garrulous, lady for whom he had patiently placed an order including 13 different items in different sizes and colors, paused, as if to think it over, and then declared, “Well, honey, I would […]

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Happy Agent Equals Happy Customer: It’s Not a Cliché

I watched a Call Centre Helper webinar last Thursday titled “5 Ways to Get Agents to Improve Customer Experience.” Gerry Brown from The Customer Lifeguard and Jessica Smith from inContact/RingCentral presented. The starting slide of Jessica’s segment displayed the words “Happy Agent – Happy Customer” in large letters. That truism is one we toss around […]

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Trading in Trust: How to Develop A1 Teams in the Contact Center

Without trust, human society cannot function. At least not in a human-friendly manner. Any well-functioning organization, whether it be a family, a business, or the local middle-school soccer team requires a trust-based relationship between the participants. If you’ve ever been part of a company where trust between management and employees is low, you know how […]

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