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Contact center agent smiling because he and his co-workers have WorkFlex Agent Suite and can manage their schedules.
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Call center supervisor smiling because she has the WorkFlex supervisor app on her tablet and can easily manage her team.
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WFM Administrators

WFM administrator smiling because WorkFlex makes her staffing and scheduling job much easier.
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Recent Posts

A Tool to Help Contact Centers Achieve the Mission of Excellence in Customer Service

Having a business objective called excellence in customer service is probably part of every company’s mission statement. But, what exactly does it mean? Well, it depends on whom you ask, and possibly when you ask. As customers, you who are reading this, probably have your own ideas about what constitutes great customer service. I know […]

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Five Generations of Agents Embracing One Technology?

At this moment, there are four generations of agents at work in contact centers: Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials (Gen Y). There will soon be a fifth one joining them: Gen Z. Talk about a diverse workforce. Generational “membership” is consequential. How people view the world in general, and work in particular, is influenced […]

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Contact Center Agent and Management Surveys: Results Comparison

In late 2016, SWPP sent out a WorkFlex sponsored survey that asked contact center managers to answer a series of questions about the value of schedule-change empowerment. We shared those results with you early this year. This summer, WorkFlex surveyed contact center agents about the same issue. (View the questions we asked here.) While the population […]

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